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Hey there!

First off, I want to personally thank you for your investment of the PLR package you just grabbed access to.

Second, let me introduce myself...

My name is Darren Ross, and I'm the creator of the product you JUST purchased. I'm also the owner of this whole brand and website.

This particular project (and product) has become so near and dear to me, I wanted to actually try and break it down for you as best I can just in text, though the videos and demos do a better job, in my opinion....

Now, If you're like me, then chances are, you are ALWAYS looking for new ways to generate leads, sales, and revenue for your business.

If you're also like me, then you may be into the whole "selling information products" thing.

There's nothing wrong with that and we both know there's a TON of money to be made doing this.

The thing is: a lot of people still undervalue the actual value of a PDF file, which is often times the packaging format for an information product.

But what about packaging the PDF or information product as a piece of software that the user must download to gain access to?

What if this "info product software" could FORCE the user to register in order to unlock the actual contents? (Meaning the PDF file)

And what if them registering meant you could GUARANTEE that they end up on your email list no matter what auto-responder service you use?

Wait A Minute...
Doesn't This Already Exist?

There ARE a few tools out there that allow you to do just that, however there's a catch.

Actually, there's a few catches as well...

The first catch is that almost all of these tools work exclusively for Windows machines.

Meaning that you're LIMITED to just selling or distributing your software product(s) to those users.

The second catch is that they're often times outdated, difficult to use, and not as customize-able as you may be hoping for.

You see... what I wanted to do is find a way to BRIDGE this gap WITHOUT building a massive concrete bridge in itself.

Yeah, I know...that's a terrible pun. But this idea itself isn't, so stay with me here...

My solution for this, was to create a super easy to use, but insanely powerful software product BUILDER tool that works for ANY and ALL operating systems that can run Java and it's Runtime Environment.

Which...let's face it, this includes pretty much ALL of them.

You May Be Thinking... 

  • That this solution will cost you a pretty penny
  • That it might have some restrictions
  • That it could be JUST as complicated as anything else...

Hey!  I Don't Blame You!
But, The GOOD NEWS Is...

This Software WON'T Cost You A Fortunate Or Anywhere Near It

This Software Is Easy To Use For Anyone Regardless of Tech Level

There's NO Restrictions As To How Many "Products" You Can Create

Introducing...  jPackager

Compatible With Essentially ALL Operating Systems

The definitive squeezeless squeeze (and more) solution for ANY and ALL operating systems out there.

With just a few simple clicks, filling out some fields, and pressing a button - you can have YOUR OWN custom built PDF locked Java based software.

Beyond that, you can ALSO generate a branding tool to accompany your custom built software, which allows you to distribute the re-branding (and PLR) rights to anybody you want for YOUR OWN SOFTWARE.

There's no fancy coding involved. No top level technical expertise required. And no restrictions to how many software products you can create.

Screen Shot of Main Interface
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Screen Shot of Built Software
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Screen Shot of The Branding Tool
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*PASSWORD IS: 123456

*NOTE: You may need to disable your anti-virus software, because this is a Java based software (meaning it can often trigger a false positive in your virus scanner).

Look At How Easy It Is To Use...

In a few quick and easy minutes, you could have your own Java based software product that contains ANY PDF file that you want...

This improves the perceived value of your PDF file and product, and gives you leverage and the ability to control how you want to distribute your product.

Just look at how easy it is to create custom software with this tool...



You fill out a few details about your software, and your brand name.

As you can see above, there's only a few fields, and they're really self-explanatory.



You attach your desired PDF file using the button and built-in browser to locate the file.

Everything is super easy to navigate, it's just like any other file browser.  So, all you have to do is select your PDF.

You may notice below that field, there's a checkbox that says "Allow Download", and if you check it, then the user of your software can "Save As" the PDF file.  If you leave it un-ticked, it will NOT allow them to download it.



Now, you can (optionally) set up the registration code and the registration form URL.

This is as simple as entering any random code or access key.

Then you can create a custom squeeze page, form, or any other kind of registration page with your sign up form on it.  You'll enter the URL that points to that form, in the "Registration URL" text box.

When the user of your software opens the software, they'll be presented with a window like this...

When they click on the button to request the access key, the URL that you enter in the "Registration URL" box will open in their default web browser.

From there, you'll want to make sure that either your FIRST FOLLOW UP / WELCOME MESSAGE, contains the registration code / key that you enter in this section (on the form in the first image). 

Or you can even choose to redirect the people that opt in, to a custom thank you page that displays the registration key that they need to use in order to unlock the software.

After they unlock the software, they don't have to unlock it a second time unless moving it to a new computer or anything like that.

*NOTE: As mentioned before, this entire step is optional.  If you choose not to fill out the registration details when creating your software, you can just simply opt to NOT require your users to register.  Simple as that!



After you've filled out the registration details and code, and the title / author details of your software, it's time to move on to customizing the menu items that will be located on the menu bar of your software.

In this part, you can enter any text for each menu item, and when the menu item is clicked, the user will be sent out to any URL that you entered for that particular menu item.

This part is super self-explanatory and easy to figure out.  If you choose not to fill out any of the menu items, they just simply won't display on your software's menu.

As for the "Disable Item Branding" check box, we will come back to that later when discussing the branding tool.

*NOTE: Similar to before. this entire step is optional.  If you choose not to fill out any of the menu items, then they just won't be included on the menu of your software.  No harm done!



Finally, you'll go over all of the items and text boxes that you filled out.  Make sure everything looks good to you.

Then, you'll just click the "Build Software" button and wait for the confirmation message to pop up.

That's it!  You're already done building your software.  It's as easy as that.  Just a few simple steps.

*NOTE: You may have noticed that there's some items on the interface that I didn't explain here, don't worry, I'm going to cover that a little bit further down the page when I discuss the branding tool feature.

You Don't Have To Limit Yourself To Just
Delivering Info-Product Based PDFs With This Nifty Software Builder Tool

You could use this thing to lock up download links or a members area and require people to sign up to your list in order to gain access.

You could even use it to create something that will allow you to SELL your software...

Yes, that's right. Are you ready for this?

With this software creator tool, you have the option to generate a completely unique to YOUR software branding tool.

This means that you can literally sell the rights to other people, or GIVE the rights away to others, to customize YOUR software.

There's all sorts of features that allow you to customize the branding tool flexibility, and it's all super easy to use just like it should be.

Continuing right where we left off with our software project earlier, let me break down how to use the branding tool features that are built in for your convenience...


Since we're continuing from where we left off, let's just start from the main branding tool features...

At the bottom of the interface, you'll notice there's some checkbox options for you.  Let me explain these...

In order for these options to be available, you have to "tick" the "Create Branding Tool" checkbox above the "Build Software" button on the interface.

From the left, we have "Make Author Brandable" which refers to the top section of the software, the "Company Name" and the "URL" fields.  If you have this checked, it will allow these options to be branded using the branding tool for your software.

Next to that, to the right, we have "Make Title Brandable" and if you have that checked, it will allow the user, using your branding tool, to change the actual "Software Title" of the product.

Beside that, to the right, we have "Make Registration Brandable" and when you check that, it will allow the user of your branding tool to change the "Registration Settings" so that they can have their own access key and their own registration URL for everything.

Once you've decided if you'd like to have any of these 3 options brandable in your software, then you can move on to the next step which involves the menu items.



Moving up on the interface, you may remember I mentioned the "Disable Item Branding" options earlier.

By default, these are unchecked, and because of that, any user of your custom branding tool (for your custom built software using the jPackager software), can just change the menu items to their liking.

The reason I implemented the ability to disable certain menu items is so that, if you wanted, you could leave in certain items that link back to your sites, affiliate products, and so on.

At the same time, you can still allow the users of your software that have the branding rights, to change other menu items, and you can keep certain items locked.  It just gives you more flexibility.

Once you're happy with the settings for your branding tool, all you have to do is the same as last time...



If everything is to your liking on the interface and for the branding tool, then you can simply click the "Build Software" button just as last time.

You'll be presented with a "Save In Folder" input box, where you'll navigate to the directory (folder) that you'd like to save your software and branding to in.

After clicking to build your software, just wait a minute until the confirmation box appears that informs you that your software has been successfully built.

Now, you're completely done.  All you have to do is decide how you want to distribute your newly built software along with it's very useful branding tool.

What is My Policy?

When it comes to this kind of product, I guarantee you that it will work on your operating system.  You may have to disable your anti-virus to allow it to run, but I can assure you we tested this thing on probably 20 different setups, all different operating systems and everything in between.  Because I have explained the software clearly on this page, THERE ARE 100% NO REFUNDS AT ALL.

Let's Finally Analyze This Right Now...

The Possibilities Are Endless When You Consider...

Just How Many Ways You Could Benefit From And Monetize Your Own Software That You Create

The possibilities truly become endless when you consider how many ways you could benefit from and monetize your own software that you create.

Your own valuable software that will only take you mere minutes to pump out.

So... does all of this sound like something you could use to help benefit your efforts?

Well, the good news is - you can secure your copy using the buy button below, for just a small one-time payment.

You'll get unlimited support, and a lifetime of updates for this software. (Though this thing works like a well greased machine as it is)

Here Are The USAGE TERMS For jPackager...


  • Can create unlimited custom software of your own
  • Can sell the software CREATED BY YOU (not the jPackager software by any means)
  • Can give away THE SOFTWARE CREATED BY YOU (You cannot give away jPackager under any circumstances)
  • Can sell YOUR BRANDING TOOL (You CANNOT sell jPackager or any components of jPackager under any means)
  • Can give away YOUR BRANDING TOOL (You CANNOT give away the jPackager software under any circumstances)
  • Can use the jPackager software with personal use only.


  • Cannot resell the jPackaged software in any way.
  • Cannot resell the jPackager software with Personal Rights.
  • Cannot sell resell rights to the jPackager Software
  • Cannot sell the jPackager software with private label rights.
  • Cannot sell master resale rights to the jPackager Software
  • Cannot sell the (MY) jPackager software or redistribute it in any way.

What Comes With This Software Package?

  • Module 1: jPackager Software w/ Built-In Branding Tool (All In .JAR File Format)
  • Module 2: Step-By-Step Video Training (5 Parts)
  • Module 3: Step-By-Step Text Training (PDF)
  • Module 4: Training For Your Customers (That You Give YOUR Branding Tool To)
  • Module 5: Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Module 6: Unlimited PERSONAL Usage License (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Module 7: Unannounced Bonuses In The Future (Things Like PLR Packages, Etc.)
jPackager Software (Personal Use) - CLOCKWORK SPECIAL

All Sales Final. No Refunds Will Be Granted For This Software Product.

This is a super easy to use and highly powerful multi-operating system compatible software builder tool that you can get access to right now for a super low one time payment.  

With this tool in hand, you can monetize and boost your business efforts indefinitely in so many ways, all for one payment.

Don't risk waiting any longer.  The special offer, access to this software, and the low-pricing could be gone at any moment.

It's really that simple.

Click the "Buy Now" button above to get instant access to the jPackager software right now.

P.S.   Just think of all of the possibilities that this software builder tool can present you with.  All of the ways you could utilize it in your own business to boost your efforts all around.  Not to mention all of the nifty ideas for creating PDF based software that you can put this thing into action towards.  It's really up to you if you want to pull the trigger and grab a copy.  But, just know, when I finally get around to launching this publicly in 2017, the price is not going to be as low as it is right now.

All Sales Final. No Refunds Will Be Granted For This Software Product.

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