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What's So Great About This PLR Product?

  • Fully designed sales funnel ready to resell.
  • Easy to setup and profit for years to come on autopilot.
  • Ability to resell and keep 100% of every sale made.
  • Massive evergreen highly in-demand niche.
  • All of the hard work done for you already.

Are You Looking For A Consistent Method To Make Money Online On Complete Autopilot?

If you've been looking to make money online, then you may have already noticed that the best way to rake in sales fast and consistently is with your own products.

When you have your own product to sell, you get to keep EVERY CENT of each sale that you make, and on top of that you're building a business and an audience as well.

Better yet, you can even recruit affiliates and JV partners to do all of the promotion of your products for you which is something is that you can't really do when you're working hard to sell OTHER people's products.​

The bigger issue is that many marketers truly struggle when it comes to get started with creating their own products.

The reality of it is... product creation is the LEADING cause of most people failing when it comes to profiting online.

Let's face it...​


  • You need to develop a fresh product or idea.
  • You need to understand HTML and other coding.
  • You need skills with graphic design (ie: Photoshop).
  • You need to research to make the product converts
  • You need to outsource a freelancer to write the book or training, create websites, design graphics, etc.

To top it all off, you need to come up with an entire sales funnel includes...

Researching Concepts And Writing Converting Sales Copy

Creating Email Letters That Entice Readers To Take Action

Developing Marketing Material That Works For Your Audience

In reality, it's not only time consuming to develop a product and marketing materials, but it also devours a significant chunk of your time to research and determine which products and topics are in high demand and which ideas will just be a large waste of time. Furthermore, you're going to be emptying out your wallet just having the entire thing developed.

Luckily for you, all of this headache, stress, hard work, and risk can be completely eliminated from the picture entirely, if you just let the entire product creation process for you (and then some).

Introducing... Anger Control Manifesto PLR

With the rise of PLR products nowadays, and the surge of new marketers - I (Darren) wanted to make it a point to bring FRESH & NEW business in a box packages to the scene. With top quality and up-to-date content.

This particular product focuses on a niche that's always in super high demand, as it's in the self-development niche.

We all know that managing our anger and frustrations is essential and releasing them at the right times and places is crucial for successful (and happy) living.

Yet a lot of people still don't know where to turn, how to diffuse it, or what it is that's angering them.  Sad but true.

Heck, even I've been in that position before, and still am at times in my life.

That's why I took the time to network with knowledgeable resources and professionals to assemble a unique but super helpful anger management PLR course that contains real-world insight and examples from professionals.

I'm beyond proud to present to you, what could be your very own "Anger Management" product, with the full private label rights attached and an entire sales funnel to go with it.

This course covers every aspect of anger control and understanding the science behind it, right down to the nitty gritty.

But to go into this topic a bit further, I wanted to share some information with you about the niche / market itself.

We're All Dealing With It...

As I'm sure you've realized by now, the self-help / self-development niche is absolutely gigantic.  It's hard to even call it a niche considering how big it is.  The reality is that every day there's people out there struggling with various different anger management and rage control issues.  It's truly everywhere.

Not surprisingly, anger management is a big factor in how well you or ANYBODY else performs in life.  Having a lack of control is often the result of lost relationships, opportunities, destruction of property, and largely the ruining of a life. 

The hard part is trying to address and conquer anger issues.  Most people just assume it's something that they'll "grow out of" over time when things eventually change.  However, there's an entire science behind anger, frustration, and rage and there's more than enough methods for controlling it and diffusing it that do or don't work for people.

With that said, the concept of "anger explosions" is something that can be easily managed and in turn, present the person with a much better life as a result.  It all comes down to having the right "formula" to encouraging and embracing the shift in a person's mindset and perspective.

One of the things you'll notice about the "self-development" niche is that there's not really any one central beacon of authority in any sub-niche.  It's ran by self-proclaimed "guru" entities and people.  It's that easy!

That's where it comes down to this product in particular.  Anger Control Manifesto.  Which is based on real world knowledge, written by a professional psychologist and therapist, and focused on a full system and approach that has been PROVEN to help hundreds of thousands of people.  All compiled into one.

What you need is a professional product, all of the resources, a bit of research and a website.  You can easily position yourself as a guru in any sub-niche of the self-improvement market, and start profiting big time.

With This Training Course, You Can Share:

  • A Full System For Controlling Anger And Diffusing Rage + Frustration
    From the very beginning starting with the science behind frustration, all the way through addressing it, changing habits and perspective, strategies to practice, and everything else in between.  It's all included and it's all completely geared for ANY person to benefit from it.
  • Easy Approaches To Shifting One's Mindset And Perspective For Control
    Most people overlook a lot of the strategies that DO work and are outlined in this entire anger control course.  That means they're going to not only understand these methods now, but also how they're going to be effective in improving their life by addressing their mind all in one.
  • Tons of Useful "Tools" For Making The Personal Transformation A Breeze
    There's a lot of resources and tools that are shared within the pages of this training course.  That's because the focus is on the end user (the customer) to make sure that they get the most knowledge and benefit from the product.  You can be certain everything is tried, tested, and true to form.

Statistics Show That Far Too Many People Deal With Some Form of Anger Issues In Their Life - Meaning Just About Anybody And Everybody Could Use This Up-To-Date Course On This Hot Topic

Self-Improvement Books made over $728 million dollars in 2015 alone.

It's speculated that self-improvement books & training revenue will double by 2022.

1 in 12 young people are considered to have anger issues and are in need of help

As the economy changes and the recessions occur, there's an increased demand.

People are willing up to $300 per (90 minute) session to solve their anger issues.

Almost a third of people polled (32%) say they know someone who has anger control issues.

More than one in ten (12%) say that they have trouble controlling their own anger.

16.5 billion dollar market with over 25 million Americans spending tons of money yearly

Here's What You Receive With Your Purchase Of The

Anger Control Manifesto
- Business In A Box -

Module 1: High Quality Anger Management Guide

 VALUE: $450.00 

This fully stocked and very detailed training guide / e-book delves deep into the aspects of managing and controlling anger and frustrations.

Through real world scenarios, examples, and solutions - your customers will be detailed a hands-on fully proven method and approach to eliminating anger and rage issues and improving their quality of life.

File Format(s) Included:

What's Inside This Training Guide?

  • The most up to date and comprehensive information on  anger and frustration management
  • Over 10,500 words of 100% unique and fresh content
  • Full PLR will be given to you in PDF, and Document format so that you can edit it however
  • Professionally formatted with beautiful header images and appearance
  • Information is valuable to anybody - even you (this is one of the HOTTEST topics right now)

Take A Sneak Peak At The Inside Of This Training Manual...

Table Of Contents

Section / Chapter Overview

Module 2 - Hybrid Cheat Sheet

 VALUE: $40.00 

We call this a hybrid cheat sheet because it doesn't just share simple steps for completing tasks.  It outlines fully detailed methods for each step, and even provides examples and references where necessary.

All of the topics covered in the training course are outlined in the hybrid cheat sheet and you also receive the document file so you can edit it.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 3 - Do's And Do Not's Chart

 VALUE: $15.00 

We knew that the Do's And Do Not's Chart would be a popular addition to this package simply in that the topic being discussed covers a lot of do's and don'ts along the way.  With this, you can provide this reference to the customers that purchase the main guide too.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 4 - Resources Report

 VALUE: $20.00 

The resources report is where you we outline the massive amount of different resources and tools that people can use to help improve their control over their emotions, especially anger and rage.

Because of the way this is set up, you can also include your affiliate links where necessary and even add other details as well.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 5 - Comprehensive Mind Map

 VALUE: $20.00 

The main training package wouldn't be complete without the addition of a very comprehensive and useful mind map.  The mind map covers each of the topics found within the Anger Control Manifesto training course, in a neat and easy to follow manner.  Source included.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 6 - Done For You Sales Page

 VALUE: $300.00 

  • Our top tier web designer worked with our copywriter to ensure that this sales page not only looks amazing - but also bangs conversions out like crazy.
  • With over 2,000 fresh words of completely unique copy, you don't even have to worry about hiring a copywriter.  We've done all the hard work for you.
  • Simply add your buy button and name, upload to your site, and send traffic!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 7 - High Converting Sales Copy

 VALUE: $150.00 

  • Not only is the high converting sales copy already integrated into the sales page for you but we've taken it a step further to simplify things:
  • You will receive text and document files that contain the sales copy in it's entirety.
  • Use this to create other content, presell the sales page, hire a writer to re-write the copy or anything else you choose.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 8 - Captivating Sales Video

 VALUE: $250.00 

To help you make promoting this offer an absolute breeze, we're handing you a fully done for you sales video for boosting your conversion.

This is in the ever popular and high converting video sales letter / explainer style of sales video.
People love them, and when you add these into your fully done professional sales page, you'll be overwhelmed with sales.

This sales video has been perfected to focus directly on presenting the offer and introducing urgency to the package.  Additionally, we've also had one of our best voice over artists narrate the script (which we'll be providing you as well).

Just check out an example of the video below...

File Format(s) Included:

Module 9 - Hybrid Thank You Page

 VALUE: $40.00 

  • Most PLR providers just drop you with a regular thank you page that instantly grants your buyers access to their purchase, while missing out on a crucial factor.
  • We've implemented a 2-step download process into our system.
  • First you direct your buyers to a page (we provide) where they "register" their purchase (and get onto your list) and then after that, they're directed to the REAL download page.

File Format(s) Included:

Step 1

Step 2

Module 10 - Support System & Legal Pages

 VALUE: $200.00 

  • Not only is this is a necessity for selling online, but you want to also present your business and this product as 100% professional.
  • You're receiving a set of legal pages / documents that you can plug in to your site and link in the footer section of your sales page.
  • Additionally, you receive a completely integrated "support system" / "contact us" page so that your customers and even potential buyers can get in touch with you.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 11 - Professional Graphics Package

 VALUE: $250.00 

Outsourcing the graphic design work can end up costing you an arm and a leg.  That's why we've taken the liberty of providing you with not only an entire graphics package, but also the PSD source files as well.

  • Cover designs for each asset (book, reports, check lists, etc.)
  • Header, logo and favico design so you can integrate them however you'd like.
  • Blank cover graphic so that you can add a new title and details easily without Photoshop.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 12 - Full Email Series

 VALUE: $150.00 

Don't sweat coming up with email content and swipes to promote this package to your list or anywhere else.

We've taken the time and effort to have 5 professionally written email swipes whipped up that are geared and focused on getting clicks and making conversions.

All you have to do is choose the swipe in the series, pick your subject line, and then paste the body of the email into your autoresponder.  It's that simple!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 13 - License Package


And of course, we present you with the licensing images and documentation for each tier of the licensing for this package.  This includes the private label rights, master resell rights, and basic resell rights licenses for all of these modules.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 14 - Step By Step Setup Guide

 VALUE: $97.00 

Forget about hiring somebody to set this funnel up for you!  You can truly do it all yourself, and that's why we've provided a comprehensive step-by-step setup guide for the entire package.  You'll be able to get your new product up and banking sales in no time (and without any headache).  That's our promise to you!

File Format(s) Included:

Total Real World Value: $1,982.00

How Can You Make Money With This PLR Package?

  • Sell the self-help training course to individuals or businesses at any price point you want
  • Use the content to build out a membership site and charge a monthly fee to gain access.
  • Provide as training for seminars or webinars.
  • Use as a high-quality bonus to your own products.
  • Break it apart and create smaller reports out of it.
  • Modify and publish the training course offline via DVD, home study courses, presentation material, etc.)
  • Create a drip-fed coaching program or series
  • Re-distribute the contents of the course in any way.
  • Split the content up and create videos or articles.
  • Build a highly targeted list by offering Anger Control Manifesto (or one of it's portions) as a magnet.
  • Utilize the training course for your own benefit / use.
  • Add your name on the product as author / creator!
  • Modify the contents, change the graphics, re-title the product and all of it's modules, and include your very own affiliate links and cross sells inside.
  • Re-purpose the content into other formats for distribution, such as e-books, articles, viral lead magnets and more.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

What is the Cost of Creating A Product Yourself?

Creating The Product & Assets

Not only do you have to research topics and write an entire course on a subject or topic, but you also need to go about creating a mind map, resources list, cheat sheet, and everything else to accompany it.

Landing & Download Page Creation

As if writing high converting headlines and sales copy isn't enough, you also have to design the entire landing page and download page as well - plus add your buy button and anything else.

Graphic Design Tasks

Hiring a graphic designer isn't cheap by any stretch.  You have to find a designer that will not only create a high quality eCover that's consistent with the style you're searching for, but also have them provide PSD files.

Copywriting Tasks

Tying together the exhausting process of product creation and the developing the funnel, you have to write a ton of copy such as ad copy, or you have to outsource it to a pricey professional to take care of it all.

This PLR Package Contains The Following:

  • Module 1: Training Guide E-Book
  • Module 2: Hybrid Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3: Do's And Do Not's Table
  • Module 4: Resources Report
  • Module 5: Mind Map
  • Module 6: Sales Page
  • Module 7: High Converting Sales Copy
  • Module 8: Captivating Sales Video Promo
  • Module 9: Hybrid Thank You Page
  • Module 10: Support System & Legal Pages
  • Module 11: Professional Graphics Package
  • Module 12: Solo Email Series
  • Module 13: Licensing Package
  • Module 14: Step-By-Step Setup Guide

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Instant Access After Payment

Total Real Value:


[PLR] Anger Control Manifesto - Business In A Box Monster

All Sales Are Final.  Due To This Being A PLR Package There Are No Refunds.

It's Time To Make A Decision...

You Have Two Choices At This Point

Let's Break Down Your Options Below

Option #1 - Create Your Own Product & Full Sales Funnel

While this may seem like it's easy enough, it can actually be rather time-consuming, costly, daunting, and even exhausting all at the same time.

There's certainly nothing wrong with doing all of this work yourself, or even outsourcing the project to one or many freelancers.​

However, it can also easily consume dozens of hours (or hundreds) just to research and create the product (training course) itself, writing the high converting sales copy, developing a landing page and thank you page, designing the graphics, and then finally getting it all live and receiving traffic.​

Let's say you decide to outsource the project like many marketers and entrepreneurs do.  You'll end up paying hundreds of dollars just on product creation for the training course.  Then tack on hundreds more for all of assets like a cheat sheet, resources list, mind map, and everything else.

After that you have to factor in the cost to have high converting landing page copy written as well as having the landing page itself designed.  Then you have to write e-mail series, have banner ads created, and even the whole entire graphics package as well.​

At the end of the day, the cost of creating a top quality high converting and information training course or e-book product along with all of the assets, the sales copy and page, and everything in between, can easily cost you upwards of $2,000 or MORE.

Option #2 - Grab This Entire Done For You PLR Package For Dirt Cheap

Just think about this for a minute or two here...

You can seriously pay a fraction of the cost that was just mentioned in the previous option, and you get the entire done-for-you package all sorted out and ready to distribute and turning a profit within minutes of purchase.

There's no hassle or hard work, no spending weeks or months of your valuable time slaving to create a product or pushing your freelancer to finally just finish up the job.

You'll be able to effortlessly add your own details, content, or anything else to this package, set up the funnel, send traffic, and start making 100% profits within a few simple steps.

No need to worry about any of the hard headache-inducing labor involved with product research and creation, split testing designs and copy, or any of the confusing work that comes in between and along the way.

You pay a one time fee, receive this MASSIVE PLR package containing an entirely done for you product in a highly profitable niche and it's all ready for you to slap your name on it and take off.

Before you know it, you'll be watching sales flow into your PayPal account like clockwork and you can sit back and relax knowing you didn't have to lift a finger to create this awesome revenue stream.

Here's How Quickly You Can Be Up And Running

Nobody wants to jump through hoops to set up their very own product.  That's why we simplified everything inside of this PLR business in a box for you.  The entire process is streamlined and dead simple if you take advantage of the step-by-step setup guide that we're including with the package.

There's honestly just 4 main steps to earning 100% profits from this evergreen training course product AND building your buyer's list at the same time.  You'll be up and running, and completely ready to drive traffic and start making conversions in under 20 minutes.  I promise you - it's that easy!​

Yes, This Could Be YOUR Very Own Product...

You're receiving all of the modules listed upon this page, along with the private label rights license (non-transferable) allowing you to re-brand and re-distribute the "Anger Control Manifesto" course as your very own.

You become the author, you become the authority on the topic, you don't have to do any of the hard work.  It's all ready to go as soon as you purchase.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Still On The Fence?
Here's Why Should You Get This PLR Product

Whether you have any technical knowledge or not, that doesn't even matter.  This package brings so much to the table that you can utilize:

Top Quality E-book

This report and it's contents were researched, analyzed, and written based upon expert input and strategies.  You receive a grammatically perfect product.

Evergreen Niche

The population isn't getting any smaller and neither are the number of people looking for self-help products and courses.  That's why this is evergreen.

Instant Authority

You don't have to even take the time to research and create tons of content at all.  Just slap your name on this product and start reselling for 100% profit.

In Demand Topic

Tons of people (and companies) are always searching for ways to control and manage their anger and rage.  This topic will always be relevant.

Tons Of Sales Materials

Not only do you receive a training guide, but you receive all sorts of materials to help increase the value and promote the product to the masses without any real effort.

Massive Profit Potential

With your very own product at your finger tips, and all of the materials you need to promote it - you're sure to make a killing and be able to keep every penny earned.

Completely Done For You

All of the hard work has been completely done for you.  The research, the creation, the sales letter, the graphics package, and everything else.  All ready to go.

Full Control

You receive the document file for the training course and all assets so that you can easily edit the contents, add your name, and do anything else you please.

Instant Author Status

You don't have to write a line of content for this.  All you have to do is slap your name on the product and the funnel and the entire product is yours to profit from.

Private Label Rights

Our very loosely developed private label rights license terms allow you the freedom to profit from this package in so many ways that it will make your head spin.

Top Tier Quality

Forget about the low quality re-hashed PLR drivel you've been promoted.  This is top echelon high quality PLR with the customer in mind and your name on it.

Super Easy Setup

No need to hire anybody to set up the product for you.  These step-by-step setup instructions will guide you through the entire process of setting up the funnel.

What is Our Policy?

You may be wondering WHY on Earth we wouldn't offer a refund policy?  The reason is actually quite simple.  For normal products, you can give them a try, go through them, and see if it's for you.  When it comes to a PLR product, you know EXACTLY what you're getting based on the sales page.  You know all the modules you're receiving, as well as the content found within the product.  The quality of the product is clearly outlined on the sales page.  Meaning, if you make the purchase, you already knew this was something you could use.

Early Bird Pricing...

Listen, to make this fair for everybody, I've decided to only sell a limited number of copies of this PLR package during this event.  During that time, I've decided to position the pricing on a massive discount

The price is starting at just $7 and will increase to $9.95 shortly.  After a few days, the price is set to permanently increase to $17 total, and it's NEVER going to drop down again.  So it's important that you take action NOW.

Chances are, if you come back later on (even tomorrow), the price will be higher than what it is today, so don't wait...​

Are You Ready To Get
Started Making Money Today?

Getting started is easy.

We're even providing you instructions on how to utilize this entire PLR package.​

Simply click the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS to the Anger Control Manifesto Business In A Box...

You can have this entire product all setup and be making money as soon as today!​

How Much Is This Package Worth To You?

Module 1:

E-Book Guide

Value $450.00

Module 2:

Hybrid Cheat Sheet

Value $40.00

Module 3:

Resources Report

Value $15.00

Module 4:

Do's And Do Not's Chart

Value $20.00

Module 5:

Comprehensive Mind Map

Value $20.00

Module 6:

Done For You Sales Page

Value $300.00

Module 7:

High Converting Sales Copy

Value $150.00

Module 8:

Captivating Sales Video Promo

Value $250.00

Module 9:

Hybrid Thank You Page

Value $40.00

Module 10:

Support System & Legal Pages

Value $200.00

Module 11:

Professional Graphics Package

Value $250.00

Module 12:

Full Email Series (5 Emails)

Value $150.00

Module 13:

Professional License Package

Value $97.00

Module 14:

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Value $97.00


Total Real World Value: $1,982.00

Get Instant Access At $97.00


[PLR] Anger Control Manifesto - Business In A Box Monster

All Sales Are Final.  Due To This Being A PLR Package There Are No Refunds.

This is entirely ready-to-go product that you can re-title, re-purpose, and distribute however you want, to boost your profits permanently.  Take advantage of this special offer right now.

Don't risk waiting any longer.  The special offer, access to this PLR package, and the low-pricing could be gone at any moment.

It's really that simple.

Click the "Buy Now" button above to get instant access to everything on this page.​

P.S. The price of this offer is going to rise to $17 as soon as the launch is over.  Meaning if you don't get in now, you're going to miss out on paying peanuts for a MASSIVE product.  If you want to have an evergreen product in one of the most thriving niches and markets of today, that's constantly growing, then now is the time to take action.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I really sell this product for 100% profits without paying anything more?

Will I receive a license document with my purchase as well?

How many sales is this product going to generate for me?

Is there a money-back guarantee included with this package?

Can I sell the rights to re-distribute this product myself?

I don't know how to get started.  Can you help me out with this PLR product?

Was this product and the funnel written by a native English-speaking writer?

I'm ready!  Please tell me how I gain access to this PLR package?